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ARRESTED? You need the best!

  • Accused of a crime?
  • Contact with the cops?
  • Facing Conviction?



A criminal conviction will change your life FOREVER!
That's beyond a reasonable doubt!!!

You can't face this without help!  Rosenberg Detroit Law is the Help you need NOW! 

When you have been accused of a crime, whether Drunk Driving, Drugs, Assault Crimes, Sex Crimes Traffic, Drivers License, ANY CRIMINAL CHARGE

you need immediate help!

You want - NO! YOU NEED, an experienced attorney who can walk with you

every step of the way!

An experienced Attorney with a team who:
  • Knows the law

  • Knows the judges

  • Knows the prosecutors

  • Knows the police

  • Knows the system

The cops, they're not your friends;

the courts, they're not your friends; 

the judges, they are not your friends - they don't care about you! 

David Rosenberg and the team at Rosenberg Detroit Law cares about you and your rights!

David B. Rosenberg

When you are  facing any type of criminal charges

you need to seek counsel NOW!!!

You need the Big Guy, David Rosenberg!

When working with David Rosenberg  and the team of Rosenberg Detroit Law 

you will have an aggressive, experienced team, with over

60 years of combined service. 


You want the best - you NEED Rosenberg Detroit Law!

65 yearsCombined Experience


We have the know-how you need.

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