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What others say about  David Rosenberg and Rosenberg Detroit Law

I hired David Rosenberg for a Bank Robbery case in which I was actually a customer in the bank. From that one case he won seven additional cases.

I have recommended David to friends and family for years. He has not lost any of the cases I referred him for including: OUI, CPL, Workers Comp. David never backs down from a fight. He even came to check on me when in the hospital and stopped the press from talking to me. David does what it takes to get you the best possible outcome!  Thanks, David. 
I was a teenager and made a mistake.  One that almost cost me a life in prison.  Mr. Rosenberg stood with me.  He made sure that I did not end up with a prison record. 
Today I am a responsible adult, with beautiful family, able to work in a field that I love.  That would not have happened without the support of Rosenberg Law Detroit.  RL
Every now and then we make a mistake. It shouldn't cost our future, our life.  I did that.  I made a mistake and it landed me in jail.  David knows the law, he knows the courts and knows what our rights are.  He made sure I knew my rights, too.  He was very clear about what may or may not happen.  Without his help I could have been in jail for a long time.  When someone I know needs a lawyer, David is the only one I refer! MR
Tenacious and zealous representation of the interests of his clients with a compassionate edge. I highly recommend David for a multitude of legal matters. MB

David is unafraid in the courtroom. He will take on prosecutors, police officers and prosecution witnesses without fear. He is a fighter. I endorse this lawyer. NR

Mr. Rosenberg is very active in the criminal defense attorney community. He is very knowledgeable in the law and dedicated to the future of his clients. BP

For a FREE Consultation!

 If you or someone you love is faced with criminal charges you need to contact an attorney as soon as possible.  If you want the best defense, with someone who is an expert in the courtroom, with thousands of winning cases,  

you need to call Rosenberg Detroit Law TODAY!


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